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  • Healthy Cleveland: Cycling the Right Way

    By Chris Faciana, Program Manager, Sport and Exercise Studies, Cuyahoga Community College

    It is time to get off the couch, grab your bike and head to the Cleveland Metroparks. The Metroparks provides over 100 miles of shared-use, paved and all-purpose trails for cycling. Have you ever noticed knee pain either during or after cycling? Having your seat set at the incorrect height may be the culprit. Other injuries can be a result of muscle pain in the muscles surrounding the knee, which include the hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles. When you are riding your bike there should be approximately a 25-degree bend in the knee at maximum leg extension. Now that you have your bike all set and ready to go, try an interval training workout on the trails. Interval training mean alternating high effort and low effort periods over the course of your bike ride. You can peddle fast for two minutes, then slow down for the next two minutes (then alternate throughout the course of the workout). It has been shown that you burn more calories during interval training because the average exercise intensity is normally higher in these workouts. 

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