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National Baseball Hall of Fame Education Program

Baseball translates into real, impactful life lessons.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Warner Girls' Leadership Academy (a part of Cleveland Municipal School District) have teamed up to give approximately 100 fifth- and sixth-grade students the opportunity to learn life lessons through the lens of baseball. Sponsored by the Cleveland Indians, the curriculum is broken into themes and includes weekly virtual field-trips to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Classes are 50, 70 or 90 minutes, running from April 14 through the week of May 12. Themes are broken out into:

  • Week 1: Introduction to National Baseball Hall of Fame. Students take a virtual tour of the National Baseball Hall of Fame including exhibits, collections and the plaque gallery.
  • Week 2: Be A Superior Example (BASE). Students explore how decisions relating to food, exercise, and performance-enhancing substances affect their overall physical, mental and social well-being. Through positive decision-making, participants gain an understanding of tools that are needed to succeed in life and be a superior example in their community.
  • Week 3: Civil Rights: Before You Could Say "Jackie Robinson"; and Women's History: Dirt in Their Skirts. Lessons center on American history from the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement where stories of honor, courage, and perseverance are brought to life. Students will meet with women and girls who broke barriers to play baseball. The lessons cover 150 years of milestones and achievements that led to greater opportunities for all.
  • Week 4: Statistics: Batter Up; and Geometry: Circling the Bases. This unit examines how mathematical and geometric concepts, such as addition, subtraction, fractions, decimals, circumference, area, perimeter and diameter apply to baseball. Students play an interactive baseball game to test their skills.
  • Week 5: Cultural Diversity: Diversity in the Dugout. This week looks at how America's National Pastime takes on unique flavors worldwide as cultures come together at the ballpark.

In addition to the lessons, participants in the National Baseball Hall of Fame Education Program receive two tickets to a Cleveland Indians home game, two tickets to the MLB All-Star Week PLAY BALL PARK and a celebration at the end of the program.

Velocity programming aims to provide unique experiences to underserved populations as well as to promote diversity and inclusion in sports. The National Baseball Hall of Fame Education Program is designed to spotlight how baseball can teach some of the most important lessons in life and provide opportunities to the Warner Girls' Leadership Academy students to immerse themselves in these lessons in creative ways.



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