Our Mission

GCSC serves to measurably improve the economy of Greater Cleveland and enrich the community by attracting, creating, managing and enhancing significant sporting and competitive events. 

GCSC supports the local economy, utilizes sports as a vehicle to forward community agendas and maintains a goal of producing events that are more successful when held in Cleveland than in other cities.

GCSC Staff

David Gilbert

Claudia Becker

Jon Billak

Rachel Denz

Becky Griesmer

Monica Gustin

Reilly Haas

Keyshawn Jones

Janet Kuiper

Mark Lembke

Chris Lewis

Michael Mulhall

Matt Sajna

Tiffany Skowronski

Jayvontae Smith

Rachael Stentz-Baugher

Suzie Wray

Pan-American Masters Games Staff

Stephen Dunn

Marie Scovron

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