2024 Men's Eastern Nationals Gymnastics

Cleveland will host the 2024 Men’s Eastern National Championships April 26-28 at Cleveland Public Auditorium!

The Western Conference Championships in Chandler, Arizona will run in conjunction with this event. The championships will highlight the top Level 7 and Level 8 and 9 Junior National athletes in the U.S.

This 3-day event will provide an estimated $1,500,000 in economic impact to Northeast Ohio.

View the general schedule here. A detailed schedule will be posted once the numbers in each division are finalized after all Regional Championships have been completed.

Sessions are broken down as follows:

Level 9 Youth Session

  • 8:00am Open Stretch
  • Birthdays: 8/22/09 - 12/29/10

Level 9 Junior Session

  • 12:30pm Open Stretch
  • Birthdays: 7/9/08 - 8/21/09

Level 9 Senior Session

  • 5:00pm Open Stretch
  • Birthdays: 4/12/05 - 7/8/08

Level 8 Youth Session

  • 8:00am Open Stretch
  • Birthdays: 3/30/11 - 11/28/12

Level 8 Junior Session

  • 12:15pm Open Stretch
  • Birthdays: 5/20/06 - 3/29/11

Level 7 Youth Session

  • 8:00am Open Stretch
  • Birthdays: 2/23/10 - 11/18/12

Level 7 Junior Session

  • 12:15pm Open Stretch
  • Birthdays: 5/8/05 - 2/22/10

Other important reminders and tips:

  • Coaches and athletes may check-in and receive their credentials (as well as swag bags for athletes and coaches) during any competitive session before their own. Athletes’ credentials and spectator passes are good for the whole weekend, so please encourage your families to come watch their teammates compete! Checking in early will help avoid a traffic jam prior to the start of each session.
  • Spectators must buy tickets online. There will be QR codes up for spectators that have not pre-purchased their tickets, but please make your families aware that tickets cannot be purchased at the door.
  • Please make sure your athletes have team warm-up jackets! Athletes will be expected to wear jackets for march-in and they will need to be in jackets & shoes (slides are ok) for awards. This is a National Championship meet after all!
  • Important information will be communicated at the coaches’ meeting, so don’t skip it. Every session the last coach to get to the meeting will have to sing the national anthem.
  • Coaches’ hospitality will be available between sessions only for gyms that have athletes in back-to-back sessions. We will have snacks available for everyone throughout the event, but meals are limited to 2 coaches per gym, between consecutive sessions.

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Event Photographers

HD Video Services:

  • Every athlete will be HD videographed on each apparatus.
  • Videos available to download the directly from our server. (HD MOV. Video files.)

Photography services:

  • Individual photography and custom Art collage
  • Custom Memory Mate.
  • Packages what is combine photo and video products.

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